271 This OR That Questions | Ultimate List That You Need To Know

This or that questions are perfect and solid conversation game that you can play with your friends.

In this, you need to select any one option when someone asked you and you don’t require to give any sort of explanation of why did you pick that?

But if you want to make this more interesting and funnier try to ask the questions very fast.

There are some this or that questions which you want to answer both the options and then the real fun begins and it’s pretty tuff to decide.

And there are some questions which you don’t want to answer or you can’t answer like

Algebra or Geometry?

Personally, I don’t like both of them as I’m poor at Maths.

Anyways you got the deal.

Are you interested in more questions?

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

This OR That Questions For Girl

this or that questions for girls

Skinny Jeans OR Ankle Jeans

Heels OR Boots

Skirt OR Pants

Basic Tops OR Crop Tops

Leggings OR Shorts

Skin Care OR Hair Care

Mini Dresses OR Maxi Dresses

Jumpsuits OR Rompers

Jewelry OR Sunglasses

Foundation OR Mascara

Face Wash OR Face Cream

Night Cream OR Day Cream

Lipstick OR Eyeliner

Shower Gels OR Soaps

This OR That Questions For Boys

this or that questions for boys

Tops OR Graphic Teens

Skinny Jeans OR Moto Jeans

Sunglasses OR Watch

Pants OR Joggers

Hoodies OR Jackets

Shirts OR Tees

Black OR White

Gillette OR Nivea

Nike OR Reebok

Ferrari OR Lamborghini

Brief OR Boxers

Random This OR That Questions

random this or that questions

Leopard OR Jaguar

Chicken OR Egg

Water OR Oxygen

Being rich and famous OR being happy and loyal.

Cheese OR Butter

WhatsApp OR Telegram

Dancer OR Singer


iPhone OR iPad

Money OR Looks

Doctor OR Engineer

Internet OR Mobile Phone

Smartest OR Hottest

Harry Potter OR Twilight

Mermaid OR Unicorn

Star Trek OR Star Wars

Big Dog OR Small Dog

Pepsi OR Coke

Ninja OR Pirate

Theif OR Beggar

Firefox OR Google Chrome

Snow OR Rain

Alcohol OR Cigarettes

Cat OR Dog


Birthday OR Christmas

Movies OR Games

Cash OR Gifts

Milkshakes OR Smoothies

Google OR Facebook

Send a Text OR Make a Phone call

USA OR Australia

Cookie dough OR Brownie batter

Fame OR Wealth

Hockey OR Football

Wired Headphone OR Wireless Headphone

France OR Italy

Tea OR Coffee

Cruise OR Fly

Netflix OR Amazon Prime Video

Algebra OR Geometry

PC Gaming OR Console Gaming

Cereal OR Toast

Marvel OR DC

Boxer OR F1 Driver

Taller OR Shorter

Bald OR Ginger

PUBG OR Fortnite

Sports Star OR Famous Actor

T-Shirts OR Shirts

Jeans OR Trousers

Deodrants OR Perfumes

Pendrive OR Memory Card

Educational Toys OR Soft Toy

Cycling OR Skating

Protein Supplements Or Vitamin Supplements

Music OR Movies

Car OR Bike

Jam OR Honey

Remote Control Toys OR Outdoor Toys

Ceiling Lamp OR Wall Lamp

Casual Slippers OR Casual Shoes

Leather Handbags OR Party Handbags

Ring OR Bracelet

Formal Shoes OR Casual Shoes

Sneakers OR Loafers

Sweater OR Jacket

Adidas OR Nike

Cricket OR Badminton

Gym OR Yoga

Fastrack OR Fossils

KFC OR McDonalds

iPhone OR Samsung

Intel OR AMD

Asus OR Acer

Summer Olympics OR WInter Olympics


Spiderman OR Superman

Computer OR TV

Apple OR Microsoft

Facebook OR Twitter

Love OR Hate

Yacht OR Jet

Pop Music OR Rock Music

Comedy OR Horror

Pasta OR Pizza

Scooby-Doo OR Tom and Jerry

White OR Black

TV Shows OR Web Series

Online Shopping OR Shopping at Stores

Twitter OR Instagram

VideoCalls OR Chats

Text OR Voice Notes

Andriod OR IOS

Movies at Home OR Movies at Theatre

Water Park OR Theme Park

Waffles OR Pancakes

Pringles OR Lays

China OR India

Las Vegas OR Los Angeles

American Football OR European Football

Cakes OR Cookies

Singer OR Athlete

Wine OR Beer

SUV OR Sedan

Board Games OR Card Games

Avatar OR Star Wars

Long Hair OR Short Hair

Coca Cola OR Starbucks

MacBook Air OR Ipad

Sex OR Money

Megan Fox OR Justin Beiber

Martini OR Margarita

Fruits OR Vegetables

Night OR Day

Smirnoff OR Barcardi

NYC OR Miami

Basketball OR Golf

Surfing OR Snowboarding

Green Apple OR Red Apple

Monday OR Sunday

FIFA OR (PES)Pro Evolution Soccer

Lionel Messi OR Cristiano Ronaldo
Mercedes OR BMW

Selena Gomez OR Kesha

Milk chocolate OR White chocolate

Wolverine OR Deadpool

Iron Man OR Bat Man

Bus OR Train

Iceland OR Greenland

Iced Coffee OR Hot Coffee

Simon Cowell OR Gordan Ramsay

Mountain OR Beach

Water OR Internet

Singing OR Acting

Lingerie OR Bikini

Nutella OR Hershey

South Korea OR North Korea

Shy OR Confident

Fat OR Skinny

The Weeknd OR Bad Bunny

Romance OR Happy

Lion OR TIger

Italian Food OR Mexican Food

Sandwich OR Soup

Italy OR Brazil

Blogger OR WordPress

Hummer OR Harley Davidson

Walmart OR Amazon

Johnnie Walker OR Jack Daniel’s

Amazon OR Aliexpress

Gardening OR Fishing

Gaming Laptop OR Ultraslim Laptop

Verizon OR AT&T

Hiking OR Running

Bodybuilding OR Skiing

Radio OR Television

Violin OR Paino

Digital Watch OR Sport Watch

Resort OR Party

Skyfall OR Spectre

Avenger’s EndGame OR Avatar

Carrom OR Chess

School OR College

Fast Food OR Chinese Food

Windows OR Macintosh

Calibri OR Times New Roman

Color OR Monochrome

Sleep OR Money

Apple OR Banana

Milk OR Water

Linux OR Windows

Manchester City OR Manchester United

Fc Barcelona OR Real Madrid FC

Russia OR Asia

Canon OR Nikon

Guitar OR Drum

Linkedin OR Indeed

Youtube OR Netflix

Sony OR Samsung

Paypal OR Stripe

Mocktails OR Cocktails

Uber OR Lyft

Vietnam OR Indonesia

Credit Card OR Debit Card

Red Bull OR Sting

Ice Tea OR Cold Coffee

Vodka OR Rum

Dolphin OR Turtle

Dwayne Johnson OR John Cena

WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) OR AEW(All Elite Wrestling)

Carlsberg OR Budweiser

Watermelon OR Pineapple

Sunflower OR Rose


Andriod TV OR Smart TV

Whirlpool OR LG

Salad OR Soup

LED Bulb OR CFL Bulb

Fiction OR Non-Fiction

Drawing OR Painting

Sri Lanka OR Maldives

Parker Pen OR Cross Pen

Anime OR Manga

Bear OR Gorilla

Mango OR Grapes

Michelin OR Yokohama

PlayStation OR Xbox

VR Gaming OR Retro Gaming

Visa OR Master Card

Fish OR Bird

Cow OR Buffalo

Canary OR Parrot

Colgate OR Sensodyne

Minecraft OR GTA 5

Horror Movies OR Romance Movies

Disney OR Pixar

Aquaman OR Joker

Jokes OR Riddles

Rap Music OR Pop Music

Noodles OR Rice

Vaseline OR Nivea

Elephant OR Giraffe

Tomato OR Onion

Peanuts OR Cashew Nuts

Brain OR Beauty

Electric Vehicle OR Petrol Vehicle

Johnny Depp OR Leonardo DiCaprio

Cardi B OR Ariana Grande

BTS OR Maroon 5

Tall And Fat OR Short and Well Built

Strong OR Fast

Sit OR Stand

Vegetarian OR Non-Vegetarian

Village OR City

Animal OR Bird

Chocolate OR Vanilla

Kiss OR Hug


Question OR Wish

Bhutan OR Bali

Shoes OR Watch

Smoothies OR Milkshake

Business or Job

Cheque OR Cash

Tom Cruise OR Daniel Craig

Best friend or girlfriend

That’s it from the this or that questions.

I hope you have got a decent number of questions popping in your head right now.

Just go and ask these with friends and family and notice their answer and their likings.

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