94 Interesting Random Questions To Ask Someone To Kickstart Conversation

You are probably sitting next to someone whom you don’t know but you find that you need to talk to that person. You are confused about how to start a conversation. Then these random questions to ask will help you get things started.

No matter how well do you know each other, it might be that you met him the first time and you are just wondering to get to know something about that guy.

You have no clue how the person will react to your talks, so it is better to start your first conversation with anyone by asking some good random questions.

This post will help you in that and you can get all sorts of questions that you can fit into your situation.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Random Questions To Ask

Who are you really?

Is there someone you wish to teach a lesson, and still haven’t done it?

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How do you know your perceptions are real?

Why is there something rather than nothing?

What holds you back from doing the things that you really want to?

To what extent do you shape your own destiny and how much comes down to fate?

What brings true happiness?

Why do living things die?

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How do you stop yourself from being too attached to something or someone?

Random questions to ask your friend

What am I pretended to do with my life?

What happens after death?

What would be the newest, if fear is the oldest form of control?

What is something you know that you do differently than most people?

Where would you go if you could travel anywhere in time or space?

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Have you ever stayed awake, what is the longest amount of time?

What is the hardest and toughest thing you have ever had to do in your life?

What is the first and first thing you do in the morning?

Where would you go, if you could teleport by blinking your eyes right now?

What would it be, if you could ask God just one question?

What laws would you make, if you were the ruler of the world?

Which continents have you been to?

What is your favorite black and white movie?

Would you quit your jobs, if you just won a billion dollars?

What one thing would you buy if you became a multi-millionaire overnight?

How do we know we all see the same colors the same way?

What do you have on your fridge door?

What was the last thing you bought?

What is your favorite accent?

Why do some people understand math easily while others don’t?

Have you ever been to China?

What is your favorite song?

What is your favorite country in the world you love to visit?


Why is the name fo a vehicle “car”?

What do you prefer, go into the future or the past?

What was the age when you learned how to swim?

Interesting Random Questions To Ask

Why does it always rain when there is a funeral in the movies and then it stops right after the burial?

If you could have only one meal or just one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Do you spend too much time on your smartphone playing games?

If you could choose an imaginary friend, who would you choose?

What is your lucky number?

What do you prefer to text or talk on the phone?

If you could choose your age to be forever, what age would you be?

What is the longest airplane ride you have ever been on?

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

What was the last book you read?

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What is your favorite stuff to do in the summertime?

Would you like to be a big celebrity?

If you could be any animal or creature for a day, what animal or creature would you be?

Are you a good public speaker?

Have you ever gone to two dates in one night?

Does growing old scare you.?

Are you smart?

How nervous are you when you ask someone out?

When you wake up in the morning, what is the first thing you think about at that time?

What is the best thing about our life right now?

What would it be, if you could commit any offense or crime and get away with it?

Would you give a homeless person CPR if they were drowning?

What was the most embarrassing moment from your elementary school years?

Do you keep a diary?

What question do you hate to answer?

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Random Questions Tough To Answer

What was your last dream about?

What was the most hurtful punishment you had when you were a child?

What is something about you that most of people don’t know?

If you had 24 hours to live what would you like to do in that 24 hours?

Do you plan on having children?

Are you religious?

Do you shower every day?

How can you deal with mistakes positively whenever time you commit one, the “closet” people around you make you feel bad for what you’ve done?

Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?

If you were given the chance to skydive, would you do it?

Should I buy a microphone and start recording my song?

Have you ever had to wear a uniform?

Do you know all the words of your national anthem?

Do you like scary movies?

Do you trust the police?

Are you old fashioned?

Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?

Do you like clowns?

Have you ever been camping?

Do you like hugging people?

Do you like dolphins?

If you had the chance to be invisible or unseen for one day what would you do?

What is the dumbest thing that you have done in front of a crowd?

Who was your first crush?

What television show are you embarrassed about watching?

What is the most foolish thing you have ever done in your life so far?

What is the worst rumor that you intentionally participated in?

Have you ever been offensive to anyone without a reason?

When was the first time you lied to your mom and dad and what was the lie?

What turns you on physically and what’s your biggest turn-off?

What is your deepest darkest secret?

What is one thing you dislike the most about your best friend?

What is your worst fear?

That’s was all from the random questions to ask someone.

I hope you now got pretty decent and well amounted of questions that you can probably ask anybody.

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