Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend

You’re in a relationship, so today we came up with a list of questions to ask your Boyfriend, as know it takes years to get to know and understand well. Evaluate the thoughts and feelings by asking the questions.

Below are the fun, personal, important, and more questions to ask your boyfriend

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1. What’s my favorite meal?

2. What’s my second favorite kind of food?

3. Just tell me am I a day person or a midnight person?

4. What’s my favorite color?

5. Do I believe in God?

6. What kinds of goals do you think I have?

7. What would you say are my 5 most important personality traits?

8. Who’s my favorite celebrity?

9. Do I believe in ghosts and/or extraterrestrial life?

10. What do I like to do for fun?

11. Who’s the most influential person in your life?

12. If you could go anyplace at all on holiday, leaving tomorrow, where would you go?

13. Which particular day would you choose and why, if you could relive any one day of your whole life?

14. What’s the most awkward and embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you?

15. What would it be, if you could only use one single word to describe yourself?

16. Who was your favorite ex-girlfriend?

17. What about me do you NOT like?

18. What would you change? If you could get a chance to change one thing about your past?

19. If you could be an actor from a movie, which character would you be?

20. Who is your best female friend? Besides me?

Personal Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

21. Has a girl ever asked you out?

22. What do you think of “open” relationships?

23. What’s your favorite color?

24. Do you want/need to have pets?

25. What was your 1st impression of me?

26. Do you have brothers and/or sisters?

27. Where did you grow up?

28. Would it bother you if a girl did ask you out?

29. What are your goals in life?

30. Do you believe in God?

31. What kinds of sexual fantasies do you have?

32. What do you think of our relationships?

33. How seriously do you think our relationship is?

34. Do I do anything that embarrasses or make you upset when we’re together in public?

35. What would you do if you fell in love with someone else while we’re together?

Important Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Before Marriage

36. Just let me know if I cheated on you? What would you do?

37. Do you expect me to work, office, or stay home and to watch over to kids?

38. Before getting married do you think we should live together first?

39. How many kids do you want to have?

40. How important is religion in your life?

41. Have you been married before? If so, what happened?

42. How do you think people should handle divorce?

43. Do you want a prenuptial agreement?

44. How much time do you want to spend together after we’re married?

Random Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend on the Phone

45. Do you have any kinds of nightmares, if any?

46. What’s your favorite fruit and why?

47. What are your favorite tv shows?

48. What are your favorite books?

49. Tell me if you won the million-dollar lottery, what would you do?

50. Are you a jealous person?

51. Are you Daddy’s boy or a mommy’s boy?

52. What was your connection and relationship with your parents like?

53. What held your parent’s relationship with each other like?

54. Are you a pup person or a kitty person?

Funny Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

55. If you could want a superpower, which one would you prefer?

56. Would you rather be able to fly or be able to turn transparent?

57. Do you know any good jokes?

58. Can you do any impersonations?

59. What was the worst job you ever had?

60. What’s the most curious thing to ever happen to you?

61. Who’s your favorite standup comedian?

62. What’s your favorite comedy movie?

63. What’s your most embarrassing nickname?

64. What did you seem like when you were younger?

Awkward Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

65. Do you love me?

66. How much do you love me?

67. Why do you love me?

68. How many girlfriends did you have before me?

69. Are you a virgin?

70. Do you ever plan to get married?

71. Do you ever plan to have children?

72. What would you do if my sibling/best friend made a pass at you?

73. Would you ever consider a threesome? Would it matter whether the 3rd were a man or a woman?

74. Will you go shopping with me?

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