65 Questions To Ask On A First Date

You are planning to go on your first date and you are pretty much excited to express your feelings and love to your crush. I have got these questions to ask on a first date and by this, you will get to know each other very well.

I know the night before your first date you probably don’t get sleep and you keep on thinking about your crush.

You need to make a plan in advance how to make your first date memorable and you need very well prepared questions to ask on a first date

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Questions to ask on a first date

questions to ask on a first date

To make a conversation on your first date, then go confident and ask these questions

At what time you probably wake up in the morning?

Do you have any friends in which you share everything with him or her?

Last night, what you were thinking about this first date with me?

By watching romantic movies, do you ever have got any feelings?

Will that be ok for you if I have never talked to you at night?

What made you love me and get closer to me?

Do you like to travel or just sit at home talking to me all the time?

Do you love to share anything about me with your friends?

Will you like to go for a night camp or the morning hike with me?

Will, you ever introduce me in front of your friends?

What movies do you like to watch, is it horror or romantic?

What are your hobbies and your favorite things to do in your free time?

Are you happy to have me as your love in this world?

What do you think in which dress I will look good?

Are you a book-worm?

Do you like spicy foods?

Will you be happy if someone gives you a surprise?

By what name you have saved my number?

Have you ever thought that you get someone who will care for you as I do?

What’s the most annoying thing in me which you don’t like?

Are your friends jealous because you have got me who loves you the most?

Do you like to watch the news channel or do you think it’s just a comedy channel?

Which was the last romantic tv series you have watched recently?

If I turned out to be an average guy and you are so intelligent, will you still continue this relation?

Deep First Date Questions

deep first date questions

Have you ever thought, if I never met you then how your life would be?

Are you wearing red because you know you are in deep love with me?

Are you working for NASA because you are out of this world?

Do you believe in God?

When I hug you have you ever got some in-depth feeling and attachment with me?

If I was not of your religion then will you ever get married with me?

Do you believe that we are made for each other?

If I have ever get into road rage, will you stand by with me?

When people do bad things to you do you have a mentality to take revenge?

Where do you like to travel, in a cold or hot place?

If we get married, will you like to continue your job?

Because I don’t want you to work if I’m for you.

How you will tell your parents, how I met you for the first time?

If I was not having a good background and I belong to a poor family will you still love me?

Will you change your surname after marriage?

What is the first thing you notice in a guy?

What if your parents deny our relation, will you go against their decision and still marry me?

If we ever get into a fight, will you ever come to settle down the argument?

Will your family be ready and accept our relation?

What do you like me to do for you after our marriage?

Flirty questions to ask on the first date

Flirty questions to ask on a date

Should I give you in hand or in the mouth?

According to you what is the biggest turn on in a guy?

Which body part do you like in guys?

If I never touched throughout our first night, will that be ok for you?

After this date, are you excited for hook up?

When I kissed you what was the first thought that came to your mind?

What you will like the most, to grab you from behind or from the front?

Is it really hot today or it is just because of you?

How strong you are to take in?

Do you like to get touched in up or at the below?

If I smiled at you, will you know what I want?

They say love is beautiful, do you believe in that or do you believe in making?

Are bored should I do something to make you relax?

What can I do to make you feel excited?

Are you an open lover or a shy lover?

Did you put something in your eyes? because I’m getting hypnotized

Do you like to make love with background music or to do in silence?

What do you like to get kissed or to hug?

What you want in a gift from me, is it a short or full dress?

Do you want to learn new poses or just try different by yourself?

Would you like to have marks left in your body after making our first love?

That’s it from the post.

I hope you now got a couple of good questions to ask on a first date.

So, what are you waiting for?

Just give a call to your love and just plan out for your first date.

Because you are now very well prepared by going through these questions.

Now, the trick here is don’t pretend that you have memorized these questions to ask on a first date.

Just start a normal conversation and in between ask this question and check what answer you get from your love.

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