64 Good And Interesting Questions To Ask A New Friend

 Are you new in a place, college or anywhere else? Do you find yourself to be very new to the people around you? 

You probably are!

Now, you may think about how to talk to them, where to start the conversation from?


I have got you a list of interesting questions to ask a new friend.

Depending upon the age, these questions to ask a new friend or to make a new friend will differ.

But, a fun fact I have divided the pattern of this question into different categories which you will surely able to see in the post.

So, without any further ado, let’s dive in

Questions to ask a new friend

questions to ask a new friend

You need to be careful, don’t go ahead and ask the same question for everyone.

What things do you love to do in your free time or what are your hobbies? 

Do you like cats or dogs which one is favourite?

What you love to do, reading books or playing games? 

Where you want to go if you become a billionaire or where you will spend your money? 

What is the biggest craziest thing you have done in your life? 

Who was your first love or the girl you like the most?

How many countries did you travel to and which country you like the most? 

Do you play video games and which one is your favourite game?

Which celebrity you like the most or admire the most?

What do you like to eat vegetarian food or non-vegetarian foods? 

On which social media platform you spend most of the time?

Have you ever gone to an amusement park, which is your favourite ride?

Which motor vehicle you like most cars or the bike? 

In family With whom you spend most of the time? 

What are the things that you are scared of doing?

Do you like to live alone or do you like to live with your family?

What is the most memorable moment in your life that you can’t forget your entire life?

What is your hidden talent or in which thing no one can beat you? 

Which thing or person you hate most in your life? 

Which things do you like most, watching T.V shows or watching movies? 

Do you like to eat fast food or you prefer to eat healthy food? 

Are you interested in marriage or you prefer to stay single for your entire life?  

Do you like to read books if you do then which one is your favourite? 

Interesting Questions To Ask A New Friend

making new friends

Did you ever go on a date with a girl that you like the most? 

If you started earning money which thing you like to buy first, home or an expensive car?

If you win a lottery of worth $100000 where you like to spend your money? 

Have you ever had a breakup in life if you had how did you handle the situation? 

If you get a chance to travel to any country in the world which country you will choose and why? 

What is the most unbelievable thing happen in your life and you still can’t believe it? 

Do you believe in ghosts or have you ever seen any ghost in real life? 

If you get a chance to meet a celebrity which celebrity do you like to meet? 

What is the most expensive thing you bought in your life? 

Have you ever done any weirdest or craziest thing in life that still make you laugh when you remember it? 

What are the most expensive things you receive on your birthday? 

What are the things you hate about yourself and what are the things you love about yourself? 

If you get a chance to go on a free vacation anywhere in the world where you like to go?

Do you like to do love marriage in life or arranged marriage? 

Have you ever get ditch by a girl, if you get then how did you feel after getting ditched by someone? 

Have you ever get any gift from your girlfriend, if you get, did you still keep or treasure them? 

if you get a chance, with which celebrity you want to go on a date? 

Have you created any good memories in life, that you don’t want to forget till you die? 

Deep Questions To Ask A New Friend

deep questions to ask a new friend

What is the biggest mistake you made in life and you still regret it?

Have you ever cried in front of others, if you cried what is the reason behind crying? 

Are you happy in life or are you happy with what you are doing in life? 

Do you have a dream that you want to pursue and want to achieve it, no matter how many challenges are there? 

Have you ever gone through the depression in life, if you do, then how did you manage to get out of the depression?  

Have you ever been in a situation where you like the girl but the girl is already in a relationship with another guy?  

What are the most beautiful moments that you had with your family that you never want to forget? 

Have you ever been in a situation in life where you give your all but still fails? 

What is the biggest secret of your life that you never told to anyone?

Which person in your life do you trust the most? 

What is the worst dream you had in your life and you wish that you had never seen that dream? 

Do you believe in miracles if you do then if there are any miracles that happen in your life?

Have you ever leave your girlfriend for someone else, if you left did you regret it afterwards?

Do you believe in karma, if you do then did this ever happened to you?  

Did you ever engage in a real fight with someone in a public place, if you did then what are the results you win or lose? 

Did you ever change yourself for someone else, if you did then what is the reason behind it? 

Funny Questions To Ask A New Friend

funny things to ask your new friend

Have you ever date two girls on the same day if you did then how did you manage? 

What are the worst lies you told the girls, on dates? 

Have you ever get caught by your girlfriend when you are dating another girl if you got caught, then how did you manage to get out of there?

Have you ever accidentally sent the love message that you wrote for your girlfriend to someone else if you did then, what happens next?

Have you ever farted in public if you did then what was the reaction of the people?

What is the most expensive food you eat but it tastes horrible? 

Have you ever get caught by your father when your dating someone, if you did then what was his reaction?

What is the weirdest or creepiest thing you’ve ever done in your life?


I got new friends.

I hope you now have enough and a good bunch of questions to ask a new friend.
Now, it’s your time to take a step ahead and shake hands with your new buddies.

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