90 Questions To Ask A Guy You Like

Have an idea of the kind of questions to ask a guy you like?

Here I will be listing 90 general random queries you (the girl) can pose to a guy and I hope you enjoy reading them.

As you probably know I have already put into a detailed perspective interesting, weird, good, awkward, personal, flirty, fun and dating questions a girl can ask a guy she is interested in or while playing the questions game but in this detailed article,

I will be providing you with a condensed version that lists 90 queries you can pose to a guy.

What is the importance of asking random questions?

Before I start the list of questions you can ask a boy I will have to say something about the role they play.

Is there a need to ask him questions?

What purposes would they serve and how would you benefit as the girl posing the questions?

Well here below are two of the main ones;

Questions give you the chance or opportunity to learn more about the guy whether you are currently dating him or you are just casual friends.

Questions are conversation starters that initiate a discussion.

You can indeed start a long conversation with him by asking him a question.

List of questions you can pose to a guy

There are indeed different categories of questions you can pose to a guy and make it simple for you to find the perfect ones for you;

I am going to list them by categories or classes.

I hope you find them useful and I would appreciate it if you share them on your favorite social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

90 Good Questions To Ask A Guy You Like

questions to ask a guy you like

1. Where did you grow up like a baby?

2. Which game did you enjoy playing as a kid?

3. Which football team do you support?

4. Who is the sexiest actress in the world?

5. Do you watch movies? Which one do you rate as your all-time best and best?

6. Do you enjoy the company of your friends?

7. Are you comfortable with your current job?

8. Where do you prefer going to for a vacation?

9. What is your favorite technological innovation?

10. Are you going to vote in the coming elections?

11. What is the best feeling that you have ever experienced?

12. If you had the power to make something in the world what would it be?

13. Tell me the greatest lesson you have learned in your lifetime?

14. Is the future predetermined or is it shaped by the actions we take?

15. Do you believe in fate or luck?

16. Tell me what you like the most and least regarding yourself or your best friend?

17. What’s your idea of a perfect outing?

18. Which is your preferred travel destination and why?

19. Is there a country you wish you lived in? and what is it?

20. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future? why?

21. Have you ever worn lingerie?

22. What do you consider as your best physical attributes?

23. Have you ever been busted doing something unusual for a guy to do?

24. Have you ever wanted to sleep with a movie celebrity?

25. Have you ever cheated on an exam? How much did you score then?

26. Do you like guys more than girls?

27. Do you think the world is gonna come to an end soon?

28. What is the most foolish thing you have ever done? Did you regret doing it?

29. Do you think most people are fair in their judgments?

30. When was the last time you stole something from a close buddy or family member?

31. If you were a mammal, what would you be?

32. Ask him “how was your weekend?” while you are on Friday morning

33. Do you dance to hell while no one is watching you?

34. Did you ever get yourself fined for peeing in a public place?

35. Have you ever imagined you being a woman?

36. What is the funniest thing you have done in class?

37. Did you ever spy on someone? Why did you do it?

38. Have you ever gone for a week without taking birth or brushing your teeth?

39. Have you ever considered being a truck driver?

40. What makes you happy or sad?

41. Is there a more handsome guy than you in the world?

42. The moment I laid my eyes on you, I was convinced you were the right one for me

43. What attracts you to a girl and why?

44. Would you date a girl just because she is damn beautiful?

45. Don’t you think girls are overdoing when it comes to showing off their cleavage?

46. What is your perfect romantic night?

47. What is your perfect honeymoon destination?

48. Do you consider love at first sight?

49. What do you consider the perfect gift for someone you love?

50. What is the sweetest dream you have ever had?

51. Does an aircraft have a side mirror? Can it move in a reverse direction?

52. Is downway is the opposite of the highway?

53. What language do the British people speak?

54. Is there a substitute or complimentary for sex?

55. At what age did you lose your virginity?

56. Is it correct to racially abuse someone else?

57. Is it good to steal from someone else?

58. When was your first time kissing a girl? Did you enjoy it?

59. Did you wet the bed as a kid?

60. How do you rate my mum? Hot or ugly?

61. What do you consider as a perfect kiss?

62. Where would you take your girlfriend for a perfect romance?

63. Do you like girls who make the first move and ask for romance?

64. Do you like seeing girls who reveal too much of their cleavage?

65. Do you remember the first kiss you have ever had? How was the experience like?

66. What was your perception or view of me when we first met? Did you find me sexy?

67. What clothes would you like seeing me wearing and why?

68. Do you like my body shape? Which area do I look sexy?

69. Which part of your body would you love to be touched and why?

70. Can you describe me in three words?

71. What happened between you and your ex? Why did your relationship end?

72. Do you think we can have a successful relationship?

73. Tell me about yourself and if we two can go along together?

74. What is your idea is a perfect relationship?

75. What do you think makes many relationships barely last?

76. Is trust important in a relationship?

77. How do you solve conflicts or misunderstandings in a relationship?

78. Do you consider sex an important ingredient in a relationship?

79. What is the best way to deal with a cheating partner?

80. Would you be able to withstand a long-distance relationship?

81. What is the nearest you have come to death?

82. Do you believe in the existence of ghosts?

83. What is the toughest and challenging relationship you have ever had? How and when did it end?

84. Do you believe in giving second chance to someone?

85. Would you want to live for as long as possible?

86. Is there something you can’t erase from your mind whatever you do? Does it hurt you to live with it?

87. What do you consider as the best thing that has ever happened to you?

88. Have you ever helped a person in need of something you had?

89. Would you do revenge or forgive your enemies?

90. Did a girl ever break your heart? How did you overcome it?

I hope you find these 90 questions to ask a guy you like useful.

Ask these questions to the person you like and start a good conversation.

Let me know below which question you like the most.

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