54 Questions That Lead To Love More Deeper With Your Crush

Are you keeping an eye over your crush and wanted to talk in a way that will make your love story a new start? Then today in this post which is questions that lead to love will help you to start a love conversation and will give you a bunch of easy and flirty love questions.

To be very helpful and make it easier for you I have included a set of 36 questions that lead to love and then included other ones that will help you get an idea about a girl and will help you in different angles in making someone fall in love with you.

36 Questions that lead to love

Would you like to see both of us together in one frame that will be hanging on a wall at my home?

Questions that lead to love : Photoframe

Which one do you prefer, you would like to go buy your clothes first or would like to shop for our twins?

I like your smile can I feel it?

Do you have plaster because I hurt myself falling for you?

How did you see this earth when you see someone caring for you like me doing right now?

How would you like to save my number on your handphone with ‘Handsome’ or ‘Hubby’?

May I be your reason to have a cup of coffee together?

Questions that lead to love

If you allow Can I be the one to increase your heartbeat when your phone rings with my name?

May I know the three characteristics or things that you would like to see in your partner?

For how long you would like to cuddle your tear bear at night or you want to change it with someone else?

You look so beautiful all the time can I be your personal photographer?

All I was looking for to have a good friend in my life but you are turning to be my better half already, do you feel the same?


Would you mind coming to my home to watch a movie every night and how about making this habit permanently?

My mom is a good cook and she is looking for someone who could help her, would like to do that part for me?

Everything that I have in my life I’m so grateful, which thing you have that made you be grateful and thankful for? And can it be a person at some point in your life?

I know for girls it’s their daddy the most favorite person in their life but other than him do you think someone else can take that position for you?

Have you ever tried a mousse? I would love to taste someone similar like mousse and by looking at you I just imagine you are soft like a cream but do you have the same taste?

Don’t you feel tired by talking to yourself all this time in your life?

Just correct me if I’m wrong, are you the one supposed to be the biggest miracle that should be happening my life?

I always feel relaxed after looking at the smile of my mother but can this become true and the same statement that I can hear it from my children as well?

I have a socket in my room but I’m looking for a charger could be the one that can charge up my life?

If there is one power that you can get then what it would be and how much that will impact your life?

Super power girl

Can you live one day without your handphone or you will choose to live happily without talking to me?

If someone grants you that if you could say anything and then that thing will happen, what would be the thing you want to make it happen or make it possible?

How would you describe your future partner in a loveable manner?

What is the craziest thing you have ever done with your best friend and how do you attribute that incident in your life?

Do you ever feel uncomfortable while talking to boys and is it you feel much more confident with me?

What’re your thoughts on love at first sight and if you don’t believe in it then how do you recognize love to be one of the most soothing experiences in life?

For you which one is more beautiful childhood or adulthood and which one do you remember you have created the most memories our of it?

Have you ever hold a child in your arms? What will be your reaction if you hold your own child?

Can you recall some of the incidents from your childhood when you lied to your parents and now you realize how innocent you were at that time?

What do you do usually when you are missing someone so badly?

If I asked you to choose one which one would you choose love or freedom?

Kissing in private

My phone contact list is not complete yet can I have yours on my list?

I like girls wearing a black dress, do you have one? I’m pretty sure you will look as beautiful you look normally in another dress, isn’t it?

My one of the dreams is to visit as many places in the world at a young age but I don’t want to travel it alone I need one partner with me, by the way, do you like traveling?

Deep questions that lead to love

Do you any expectations on how your love story or you should get love in your life?

How do you find men who start talking to a girl first for the first time?

Did you ever met any stranger and started talking and later you both became best friends?

Where do you prefer to go to release out all nervousness inside you while talking to a guy would you like to be in a silent place or somewhere around at cafe?

Why do you always look so beautiful? How did this beauty come in you is it natural or it’s in the gene?

Have you ever seen a couple that never seemed to be in an official relationship but everyone around them knew that they are having a love for each other?

 Questions that lead to love

Do you like to watch romantic movies and have you ever imagine yourself in some romantic situation with your crush?

Imagine you’re watching a movie and a romantic scene comes up and suddenly your parents catch you in this situation, for you how difficult is to get out of that situation?

Do you believe that you can able to hide your emotions? Don’t you believe that what’s there in your heart it just shows up on your face?

According to you what hurts the most separation or when your crush ignores you?

How do you judge this small kid falling this love at so young age and keeping promises to be with each other for life long? Do you believe to love someone it has to deal with age?

Do you agree that every girl has to leave their loved ones just to become someone else loved one?


A night you got a dream that you found your love and the next day everything that you saw in your dreams just got true then how would you react?

How do you judge the beauty of this life? You came into this world because of love, don’t you believe that life is all about love?

When you see your crush does your heartbeat goes up and did you ever thought that you could get just an extra of time to have more glance of your crush?

That’s it from the post!

I hope with these romantic questions that to lead to love will definitely in somewhere around help you represent yourself as a most loveable, caring, and a person who just wants to have a taste of love in life.

By the way, the list of questions that lead to love I have just included in this post is just a simple idea on a way you can talk to your crush and make your crush realize or give them a sort of hints that you like or already started falling in love with your crush.

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