33 Relatable Questions Girls Are Afraid To Ask Guys

You know that there many thoughts and different opinions that comes up in the head of the girl and sometime they don’t feel free to ask those questions to a guy

This is because girls sometime made up a thought that they cannot speak to a guy openly

And this usually comes up from the close minded people living in the society and their influencing actions on the girls.

I do agree that there has to be certain limits and boundaries between a girl and boy when they meet up

But today in this article I’m gonna share bunch of questions girls are afraid to ask guys.

By this questions you will know what’s the actual reason behind why girl is not speaking out to you more freely

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Questions girls are afraid to ask guys

1. Can you leave me for another girl?

Questions girls are afraid to ask guys

This one is very difficult for the girl to discuss with her guy and this is mainly because they don’t want to get hurt

They simply can’t imagine their feelings to get hurt

Even tough the guy might say Yes?! just for name sake

But this really puts on a bad impression and this things gets stuck in their head.

Sometime, listening to the truth is not easy and girls cannot really be so comfortable to get on the other things and aspects of their life to continue with an ease and happiness.

2. Would you mind in shifting to another house after marriage?

Girls and boy hugging each other

The next questions girls are afraid to ask guys is related of their after marriage life.

This one is very important for the girls to know about her guy in person

By this girl’s usually decide whether to get together and spend the next of the life with that guy or just simply leave him.

Sometimes, girls on this topic gets very tricky and they just want to check the thought process of the guy

Does he respect his parent? Does he loves to be with his parent after marriage?

All such questions usually comes up in the mind of girls before taking a big decision in their life.

3. What do you think of other girls and their looks?

Questions girls are afraid to ask guys

This question arise because girls think that if they ask this to a guy, then he might turn the situation around

The guy may not be honest at that moment and just to impress the girl he would actually say all the good things like he respects every women and everybody has their own way living etc.,

From this it is very difficult for the girls to judge a guy

From this alone they cannot determined whether that guy is really being honest or just pretending it to be for gaining her attention.

4. What do you think on girls expressing their feelings to a guy at the first moment?

Girl thinking

At this time girls get scared to ask this question to a guy

Sometime, they just want to hear it in a right way

Simply because they just want to express their feelings to guy

But they are really afraid just because they think that the guy will take it in a wrong manner and will create a bad image for her

To stick it with the society rules, girls are not allowed to express their feelings to a guy openly at first position

People will simply start judging the the girl and her character

But this thing needs to addressed and we should understand that everyone has right way to express their feelings

Also, it is our duty to keep the things in a right and ethical way.

5. Would you mind giving your car to me and I can drive it for you?

Girl driving car

This is because girls think that a guy is so particular about their things

And it is very common perception that girls have made in their mind

According to girls the boys think that the girls don’t know how to drive a car

Boys knows better to a drive a car as compared to girls

Girls think that after asking the guy will get angry for some reason and they don’t want to disturb all the beautiful environment they have created a few moments ago.

6. What if I don’t know how to cook?

Girls confused

Most common understanding by the girls and it is more or less somewhere true

Boys like food a lot than any other thing

If the girl cannot for for her guy then there are chances that they will not be together with each other for long time

Girls really want to get this answer and with this they want to put everything upfront at the beginning

But it is hard for the girls to discuss all this things

Reason is that just for this reason they cannot agree to lose their love.

7. Will you allow me to work after marriage?

Girl working from home

The most common questions that arises in the head of the girls before thinking of marriage

Girls too have their rights to work and just for marriage they cannot leave their passion or goals.

Sometime, due to societal pressure and family wish girls get agree to get married

But this is the questions that get stucked in their stomach and they cannot get the proper way to deal this.

In the whole journey her life she managed everything and worked so hard for it and now is she is not able to do what she likes then she will not be happy.

And girls don’t think this is to be right and be openly talk about this issue to a guy.

8. Will you allow me to hang out with my friends after we get married? 

Girl and boy talking

Girls also want to enjoy their freedom and wants to do the things which will make them happy

There some things which can be shared and can be experienced with the friend circle alone

All the girls have this same feelings

They really want to know whether the guy will allow to hang out, spend some time with old school friends.

Old memories cannot be vanished in a short period of time.

9. What you will do if I’m not able to conceive? 

Girl crying

This is the important questions that girls are afraid to ask a guys

This is because family is important

And for all men they really want kids.

But after marriage due to some reason if the girl gets to know that she is not able to conceive then she might think that this is the end of her marriage.

They get many thoughts like his family will not be so ok with it and will continously spark up taunts on her.

For the girl it is her love that really matters.

But sometime the guy might take this situation completely wrong as the girl is not interested to have a family.

10. Is there any other girl in your house except your mother? 

Girl confused

Most of the time the girl really need somebody of their age group to discuss certain things

The reason behind coming up with this question is that the girl really looking for somebody to take care of her

Not judging with the guy mother.

But person like a sister, sister in law are the better person to talk about certain issue more freely as compared to mother in law.

And the girl cannot speak out or raise this question because they are afraid of being judge on their perspective of looking into the life.

Questions girls are too afraid to ask guys

What do you think of children in schools getting into a relationship?

Are you getting married with me just because of the family pressure?

What you will do if someone in the public try to insult me?

What if I don’t like your current job position?

Do you think you are matured and settled enough to take care of me?

What you will do if for some reason we need to sell our house?

What you will do if for some reason I need to go out of station for my office work with a group of male co-workers?

What you will do if ever you get to know something about me which I have never told you?

Do you respect my mom the same you respect your mom?

If I ever did some mistake then will you correct me or just choose to leave me all alone?

Do you ever had a relationship with someone else?

Girl and boy in a love

How do you know so much of things about the girl’s dresses?

Will you leave your smoking habit for me?

I’m an extrovert person and love to talk to people and if someday if my school friends showed up in the house will you get angry?

You have a little brother and do I have any rights to take his decision after our marriage or it is just your family can take good decisions for him?

What you will do if someday without informing you I take your money from your pocket?

If I ever get confusion over some topic and you think that I’m right but others aren’t in favor with me then whom you will support?

What if I not inform you and just simply go to my house?

What are your thoughts on girls who ride a bike?

What if I don’t want any more kids after the two?

Will you ever do something because of your work life pressure which will disturb our marriage?

Do you think height of the girl really matters and what are your thoughts on short girls?

Will you ever allow me to travel alone?

That’s it from the post.

I have listed out the most possible sort of questions that comes up in the minds of girls.

From this you know that are many questions girls are afraid to ask guys but this does not mean that you will take any kind of advantage of it.

But it also to understand the situation and respect the views of girls.

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