48 Hits Blunt Questions That Will Make You Feel High

In this world, nobody has time to think twice before doing anything. But these hits blunt questions will make you think again and again.

And by reading this you will probably wonder and think is the author good bro?

Well, that’s not the point here. Anyways you will love these hits blunt questions and it will be a good way to pass your time.

In today’s post, I have got a bunch of crazy questions that will blow your mind. These questions are pretty much usual and you relate to in your life but you never think about it.

I know you will never admit it in public but honestly, at the time you think some most wired things that nobody really talks about.

And exactly I’m going to cover some of the most hilarious hits blunt questions that will make you stun and stun.

So, without any further ado let’s dive in

Hits blunt questions that will make you think twice

The charger is charging your phone but who the hell is charging your charger?

If raindrops would be hot then everyone would have come naked and enjoyed the bath?

When you throw something in the air it comes down but why nobody talks about the air?

It takes 1 day to go from Monday to Tuesday but why it takes 5 days to go from Tuesday to Monday?

(M I joke to you)

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The teacher thought you but who does teach the first teacher?

Coke satisfies you with its taste but how come water satisfies you?

Why does soap never get dirty while you clean your body and it smells the same as before?

When you clean a vacuum cleaner will you be called vacuum cleaner?

What is the color of the mirror?

If the policeman had a problem in person will he go to the police station or solve it by himself?

Oxygen doesn’t have any smell but how can you smell scents when sprayed in the air?

If honey bee gives you honey then why don’t eat the mother product honey bee itself?

How come blind person can see their dreams?

If everything takes time to happen at the right time then why doesn’t time takes time to happen?

You don’t brush your tooth but you brush your teeth then why it is called toothpaste?

(M I joke to you)

Why does the letter B feel so cold in the alphabet?

When you kill a killer why does the number of killers remain the same?

If you beat your hunger will it hurt your hunger or you?

If nothing is impossible in this world then why does impossible word comes for?

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When thoughts come in your mind then where does it goes?

Google has everything over the internet but why it can’t work without the internet?

If you are waiting for a waiter in a restaurant then are you a waiter as well?

How come today your present will become past in the future?

If add colors in your meal and go to pee will it affect in the color?

Which there is no word silent in the “Silent”?

Why is that you can’t food a food but you can drink a drink?

When a businessman gives tax to the government then does he have more money than the government who is running the country?

If you do good to other good will happen, if you do bad to other bad will happen but if you do nothing why do results aren’t the same?

Water has zero calories but if you drink it why do you feel full?

hits blunt questions

Can anybody tell what was the actual time when the first clock was made?

If somebody dies in a living room then how the heck it is a living room?

If you are reading a book it means you are still reading but why you call the building when it is done?

If a police officer slaps another police officer will he go the jail?

Policeman salutes prime minister of the country but you don’t salute to anyone then are you superior?

If everything has law and regulations then does law has its own law to pass?

If you say tomatoes are fruit then is it ketchup a smoothie?

If you slap someone why does the other person gets more hurt then you?

The whitening cream is white but why doesn’t your body don’t get white?

If ever apple have to start a business of building a house will that house have windows?

If you say time is money and  ATM is a machine, then will ATM be called time machine?

If you leave a ballon in the air and it never gets hit by anything then how far it will go?

When you clap your hands which one gets more hurt?

You start something to end it then why did you start?

Why is that you earn less than the owner of the business but still you do more work?

When you are in front of the mirror then who looks at whom?

If facebook keeps you socially connected then who does keep facebook socially connected?

That’s it from the post.

I know you are freaking it right now.


Then, are you good bro!

I hope you enjoyed these hits blunt questions. The more time you never spend thinking at schools, I know these questions made you did that.

Either way, keep asking these hit blunt questions and see how do friends react to these.

Are they dumb?

No, you will get to know after doing this dumb activity with them.

P.S. Some of your friends may not remain your friend at the end. So be careful while asking these hits blunt questions.


Anyways jokes apart, now I leave it over to you let me know how well do you like these questions and hope you spread these time-pass questions to literally pass your time.

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