62 Funny Questions That Make You Think Twice

In this post, I have collected some of the best funny questions that make you think.

While answering this question, you need to brainstorm your mind but in the end, you will realize that you observe such things in your life but never given much importance.

This funny questions that make you think are a completely fun thing to do with your friends.

Ask these questions and see whether your friend is able to answer those questions.

So without any further ado, let’s dive in

Funny questions that make you think

funny questions that make you think

Why does Iceland look green and Greenland look to be a land of ice?

Why does it call Tap-water though you never tap on that?

Why is that a round pizza always comes in a square box?

What is the difference between a book and a novel?

Why do people say my baby is now 1 year old? Tough the baby has just turned 1?

If in an operation, if a patient gets up will he will be in a pain?

What if electricity cuts off during a movie show, will you get a seat of another day?

Why does Justin Bieber say-“It is too late now to say sorry” and still he continues to say sorry all the time?

How you will inform others if you are stuck in a lift and you have no phone?

Why do females have buttons on their shirts on the other side?

Why do we call in a keyboard CapsLock, though none of the keys gets locked?

What is the difference between a shirt and t-shirts with buttons?

Which colors do color-blind people can see?

Have you ever wondered why does hair in your arms grow slow as compared to your head?

How does another car listen to your horn, even if your car window is closed and packed?

Why do boys go on their knees to propose a girl?

If you cry in the rain, will you be noticed?

Why do you call Icecream, though you can’t see any cream until it melts?

Why do your lips don’t touch when you say-‘Touch’ and they do get touched when you say-‘Separate’?

In a ‘Wrong Turn’ movie, which was actually the ‘Wrong Turn’?

Why does ketchup does not taste good on potatoes but it does on French fries?

Why there no 65 pieces of Chicken in Chicken-65?

What is the actual pronunciation of the letter ‘Z’ is it Zed or Zee?

Why does Sun never get late to rise?

Can you have a morning snack in the evening snack?

Who does actually gives money from the ATM machine?

How can identify male perfume and female perfume if there is no marking?

Why does it take 1 year to go from 1st January to 31st December but 1 Day to go from 31st December to 1st January?

Why do all face powders come in White color?

Why there is no 10 number in a calculator?

If you have a twin brother and you are a father, will 2 years old baby identify his real father?

Why does your mobile charger call ‘Charger’ but it requires a socket to works?

Why it is called ‘Youtube’? Though there is no single video about you.

If coconut oil comes from coconut, then where does the baby oil comes from?

Why do baby cry on their birth and everybody else just laugh?

In a keyboard, why do all keys are not arranged in an A-Z sequence?

Why is that you can’t notice your height is growing?

In a game -“Subway Surfer”, is that a boy is collecting coins to get bail later?

If you eat something cold, you get cold and if you eat something hot, will you turn hot?

In a text, by applying bold option why do none of the letters get bold?

What is the difference between earphones and headphones as both ends up on ears?

Why do kitchen and keychain sound the same?

Why do say check bounced? But actually, it remains the same.

Why does every rule is bounded with restrictions?

Why you can’t see your back but everybody else can see your back?

Why do animals not cook their food but we do cook them?

If you are lost in childhood, how can you tell your birthdate when you grew up?

Which job you will love to do if you’re not getting paid?

Why you don’t have a choice of even choosing your own name?

What do you need the most, Bed or Bedsheets to sleep?

Why you can’t eat and drink at the same time?

What is that which can be caught easily but is never thrown?

What is that which always tends to increase but never falls down?

If you are in an operation theatre and the doctor treating you had a heart attack, will the other doctor will first treat the doctor or you?

Why do you think celebrity tends to be very cool?

What is that one thing which usually becomes wetter when it dries?

What if your car doesn’t stop in traffic signals?

Where you can find an ocean with no water?

Which of the letter completes honey?

If a man has 20 buffaloes and he took one shot and got all the buffaloes, how did the man did it?

Which one is correct? Mars is bigger than Earth or Earth is bigger than Jupiter?

If you jump from the 5th floor, where do you will land?

That’s it from the post.

I hope you got a bit tricked with these questions.

Now, go to your friends ask them these funny questions that make you think.

Each time you will ask these questions, you will get different and funny answers.

Some of them might you give a hilarious answer. Check out their intelligence.

These funny questions that make you think, are very simple. If you use your brain you will easily get those answers.

These questions are very interesting and it is a fun way to pass your time.

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